WIN 1000$ and Lifetime VIP + Netflix Subscription [Contest]

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May 7, 2020
HACKCRAZE Referral Contest is running from 23th Jan until 23rd Feb, 2021. Every HACKCRAZE user is invited to take part in the competition.
You could earn referral rewards and stand a chance to win HACKCRAZE Referral contest prize,

Winner will be rewarded : 1000$ Bitcoin + Hackcraze Lifetime VIP Access with 10,000 Credits and 1 Life Time Netflix Subscription

All you need to do is invite your friends or share your referral link in public to sign up for

How to join HACKCRAZE Referral Program

Here are the easy steps to join the HACKCRAZE referral program :

STEP 1: Get your referral link by clicking on your profile image on top-right and click Your Referral button as mentioned below in picture :


STEP 2: Copy your referral link as mentioned below in the picture


STEP 3: After copying your referral link you can simply post it on other forums/share with your friends/share on Facebook groups or pages/quora/Reddit or any other option which is suitable for you.

There is no restriction on how you share your link with others, You just need to get maximum user register using your link.

There will be TOP 3 Winners for this contest who will receive rewards on 23th Feb 2021 (Last date of this contest).

Here are some FAQ and Rules for this contest :

Rules :

- Account must be unique and Real, If our team detect any fake account (Created by your self) then you will be suspended from this contest
- You can share your link anywhere, There are no restrictions
- 23rd Feb is the last date of this contest so make sure to start ASAP to increase your winning chances


- How the winner will be decided?
ANS: There will be 3 Winners for this contest who receive the maximum referral.

- Is this contest available for new members?
ANS: Yes anybody can take part in this contest

- Is there any fixed count for referral that I need to achieve in order to WIN this contest?
ANS: No there is not fix numbers, You just need to achieve as many referrals

- Can I check if somebody registers using my referral?
ANS: Yes, You will get notified whenever someone register using your referral link

- Can I create multiple accounts my self?
ANS: No, It's not allowed as we have a system running checking each and every user registration to our community, You will be suspended from contest if you try to trick our system or do any unethical activity.

Good luck!

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