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Aug 7, 2020
Hey everybody! This is my second real life businesses post that i have created, I put a lot of time and effort into this, so leave a like! With that said, brothers and sisters, I am here to show you the light should you so accept to see it. I’d like to offer some advice from my experiences and to share the wealth of living rent free!

This is not a revolutionary topic, and I am not a revolutionary human. Living rent free has been done by many. Living rent free with cash flow has also been done by many (including me). It is easy. It will likely end up costing you less than $10,000 (I only brought $5,900 to the closing table on my first property). It’s a no brainer move for those of you who are hungry and ready to forge your own path in life.

Stop paying the man each month (me) and start focusing on your goals. I hope that this thread will help even JUST ONE person on here to live without the constant cloud of having a rent / mortgage payment every month.

No longer will the excuse of “I have too many bills to pay to quit my job and enter the Financial freedom” remain valid. We are building your shelter. We are building your money tree. We are building the castle from which you will wage your war.

This thread is targeted for those of you who currently have:
  • A stream of income from your lame J.O.B., from your own business (need 2 years of 1099 history for this to work if self-employed), from your full blown business ventures or from your sugar daddy/ momma (whatever) and

  • Currently do not have an FHA mortgage
We are going to learn how to purchase a duplex, 3-flat or 4-flat with as little as 3.5% down that will cash-flow and pay for itself.

Are you tired of paying your landlord your hard earned wage each month and having nothing to show for it? Do you wish you had a money tree in your backyard? Good. Let’s rock and roll.

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